Moving In

Moving In is a series of photographs where I am photographing myself with the photographers who exhibited in the 1991 seminal show at the MoMA, The Pleasures and Terrors of Domestic Comfort, as if they are my own parents. Peter Galassi curated that exhibition, which sought to portray domestic life in and around the home.

The photographs become a narrative representing my physical self in the lives and presence of these artists who portrayed family dynamics in their artistic practice. These domestic interactions parallel my status to the artists — emerging opposed to accomplished as well as the relationship of child and parent. The work is a commentary on the politics and social under grid of the art world. The exhibition in 1991 took place at the peak of multiculturalism and by photographing those from the show, my work confronts selective inclusion in the art world. These elements of truth are surrounded in layers of fiction because in these photographs I become a part of their family and networks, which are often thought to be impenetrable. The photographs capitalize on the dualities of creator and subject, photographer and photographed, as well as reality and fiction. 

Those present in the work thus far: Judith Black, Ellen Brooks, Peter Brown, Jo Ann Callis, James Casebere, Albert Chong, Eileen Cowin, Doug Dubois, Larry Fink, Mary Frey, David Goldes, Pok Chi Lau, Frank Majore, Nic Nicosia, Lorie Novak, Bill Owens, John Pinderhughes, Melissa Ann Pinney, Sheron Rupp, Adrienne Salinger, Laurie Simmons, Sage Sohier, Joni Sternbach, JoAnn Verburg, Jo Ann Walters, and Neil Winokur. 

The series is ongoing and photo-shoots are being discussed and scheduled regularly.